Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alex writing - 6 rewrite "My Baby Brother"

My Baby Brother - rewriting

My baby brother's name is Devin.  He is 3 years old.  Devin is a student in Preppie I at PPP school.  His friends in Preppie I are Kathryn, Alan, Ryan, and Spoorty.   On weekend, he spent most of the time outside playing.

Devin is very athletic.  He plays basketball.  He can bounce the ball for 5 minutes and probably shoot 9 out of 10. (That's pretty good for a 3-year old).  He also plays soccer.  He can dribble the ball well and is top3 is his soccer league.  He plays baseball.  He can his it off the T-stand easily and can probably get 8 out 10 in soft toss!  In the playground, he can climb all the way up of the 2 1/2 meet net!

My baby brother is smart.  He knows his colors, shapes, letters and numbers!  Right now he is learning phonics.  If we didn't help him, he could have done his 4-6 year workbook alone.

But sometimes, he is naughty.  He always disturbs me on purpose, especially in the car.  He also is naughty by walking up the slide.  He always does that.  One time he even got a cast form walking up the slide.  He can be naughty by not sharing with his best friend Kathryn.  When she has something, Devin says; "Share"!  When he has it and his best friend want it, he says "Mine!"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alex writing -5

Big Bang - Fact

The Big Bang was created out of nothing.  How?  The Big Bang is one of the greatest mystery in science.  In the dawn of time the Big Bang changes nothing to everything.  It was just a small ball of (just?) raging energy.  It had everything in it.  After that the universe started expanding.  It was expanding so fast that it was faster than light.  We need a new unit for that, don't we? It's called planktime.

The Universe was just a huge expanding ball of hot energy.  It continues to expand.  It's really hot, trillions of degrees.  Then it cooled down, then the energy changed to tiny subatomic particles.  It's the first matter.  To understand that, E=MC2,  While our universe was forming, it transformed energy to matter.  The first subatomic matter was too unstable to create the universe.  Gradually, they slowed down and become more stable.

You may think energy is great.  But it created antimatter.  Yes, antimatter, the opposite of matter.  Equal amount of antimatter and matter cancel each other out.  Not good, an universe with equal amounts of matter and antimatter is equal to an universe without matter at all.  But antimatter loses.

The universe is still extremely hot and expanding itself.  The particles in it were very different than the particles now.  There were not atoms yet.  Now all that stuff is cooling down and going slower.  They start bonding together.  The first element the made is hydrogen.

Then after 3 minutes, Helium and lithium form.  But you couldn't see it.  The universe was very cloudy.  The Universe had to cool down for the elements to stick to new atoms. It took 380,000 years to do that.

NASA launches Cosmic Background Satellite but the pictures were fuzzy.  So they launched another one.  It gave us the most detailed picture of young universe ever seen.

After 1 billions years, the first galaxy forms.   

Alex writing 4


Stars are balls of hot gases.  These gases are hydrogen and helium.  Stars are HUGE.  The sun is a star.  It can fit 1 million Earths in it.  Atakareno is 100 billion times larger than the sun.  Betelguase is 1,000 billion times larger than the sun.  Uycnus-Majou is 1,000,000 billion times bigger than the sun.  Stars are different colors.  Blue is the hottest and brightest, yellow, second, red, third.  Stars start as a cloud of dust called a Nebula.  The gas inside swirls around.  Can you guess what force makes the gas move?  Guess! Guess! The force is gravity.

After a million years, all the gases form into a round ball .  It is a brand new star.  After several millions years, the star change from blue to yellow; after billions of years it changes from yellow to red.  The the star dies.  It may change to a white dwarf, supernova, hypernova, or a pulsar.  What are those?  We're just about to find out.  A white dwarf is a small ball of ice.  It is about the size of Earth.  The sun will become a white dwarf.  The comes supernova. It's when a giant star dies out.  It creates a huge explosion and forms another nebula.  A hypernova is when a humongous star dies and sets off Gamma Rays.  It creates a black hole.  A pulsar is created form the tiniest stars in the universe.  They send radio waves back and forth.  Why do stars dye? Well. stars die because they run on fuel just like fire.  Its fuel type is nuclear energy.  It smashes hydrogen atoms against hydrogen atoms it creates helium and released energy. 

Alex writting 3

A season without baseball

This is my first time missing baseball season.  Every time my mom asked me if I wanted to play again, I always said no because I haven't played in a long time.  So I thought I was going to be bad at it.  But when I went to my friend's house and played baseball in his backyard, I was better at batting than him.  Then I felt more confident.  My mom signed me up for the Tincaps in OCEE park.  I notices that I was one of the Top 3 in my team.  I can' wait for first game.

Alex - writing 2

My first School Week

My first school week was great!  Our new teach is Ms. Taylor.  She used to be teacher in 3rd grade.  Everyday she teaches us math strategies.  Before she shows us something new she shows us an example.  My first week we talked about bus safety.  She gives us a sheet ans she asks why you shouldn't do something.  That is a lot of fun to me.  In math, we got to make our own flash cards and ask a partner to work with his or her flash cards.  I don't know how the specials are, but I only have gone to PE and music so far.  In lunch you have to wait for everybody to come then you can sit down and eat.  After recess we work on writing personal narratives.  After that we work on incomplete work.  Then it is time for dismissal.  This year you have to go to different classed and dismiss.  That way we can all go at the same time.  That is my first week of school.    

Alex- writing 1

My Baby Broth- July 23, 2012

My baby brother is 3 years old.  He is very cute.  He always doesn't like to eat.  He always says I want seven because his name is Devin. He makes our house very messy because he throws toys around and I am very tired.  He hates to take nap so I have to take care of him on Saturday.  I usually go to playdates on Sunday.  He is awesome. My moms sent him to PPP daycare when he was 2.  He was in Toddler 2 at that time.  Now he is Preppie 1.  He loves birthday parties because there are candles.  His favorite TV show is "Wonder Pet"; it use to be "Curious George".  We want him sleep by himself because he is 3, but he cries in the dark.  We just came back from China and during the trip we had skype and my brother was like I want to go there, I want to go there.  I love my brother even though sometimes he is naughty. 






Monday, February 08, 2010

Can we live together?


周一到周五 一起上蒙校: 9:00 - 3:00 6个小时; 一起
上AS: 3:00- 6:00 3个小时。

周末一起打棒球, 踢足球,打网球, 参加合唱团的练习演出;


昨天,周日, Alan来我们家玩.

玩到尽兴中, Alan严肃认真的问我:when we grow up, can Alex and I live together?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


摩拳擦掌重新写博, 先占过坐. 敬请期待!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


昨天回来,带回来个装书的布袋子。写着: i am a reader.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


正如某著名网络妈妈所言:养孩子完全就是哲学问题。蒙还是不蒙做为一个哲学问题折磨了偶很久了。 也曾不厌其烦的在网上征询资深爸妈的意见,其中也下过不去蒙了的决心,但每次大院的其他妈妈得知我们在KB混时, 一般的唯一反应是:花那么多滴钱, 你们为啥不去蒙呢? 嗯, 虽然我狠啊Q, 但是当冤大头的感觉并不是很好。期间还被家有上私立高中的绝对资深爸爸苦口婆心劝送蒙式:他家女儿因为小时候没有送蒙式, 后来初中高中不得不送昂贵的私立.............无论如何, 蒙还是不蒙是一个让人抓心挠肺的哲学问题...........

KB在暑期陷入混乱, 我们具体细节并不知道, 当我们闻道一点风声时, 很多家长都在将小朋友转走。我们虽然也曾趁着上游泳课, 真真假假去看了游泳俱乐部旁的一家学校, (便宜,但真的不尽人意), 但我还是对KB抱着一丝不见黄河不死心的希望, 希望我们能在那混到pre-K., 所以我也就没真心给找学校。

好了, 废话了一箩筐。 某天, 终于见到黄河了:KB的校长不知所终了-我们也终于死心了。

即便这样, 我也是趁着某早我有个doctor appointment, 顺便去了这所被我几次考察, 在我上班路上的唯儿的学校, 当然是一所我们这的妈妈众口夸赞推崇的蒙式。

意料之中, 被告知 没有full day program spot. 那天正好是学校新学期orientation, director and assistant director无比繁忙, 喘口气的间隙还要听我诚恳地jjww, 诉说full day program对我家的必要性。 期间director多次暗示:如果我们先 enroll half day, 一到 两个星期就很有可能会给我们full day program spot. 我又及其诚恳的和她们讨论了这个方案的可行性...........

简而言之, 我就这么抓心挠肺滴去上了班, 开车的时候大脑飞速的转出一千种都不太妥的方案。

俗话说:船到桥头自然直, 俗话还说:峰回路转;俗话还说啥来着.........反正就在我在办公室千愁白转的时候, director电我:one full day program spot available. oh yeah~~~~~~

次日面试也是出奇的顺利, red class的Ms. Susan 完全符合我心目中西方旧时小学老师的形象:一袭长裙,满头白发盘成一个发髻,慈祥亲和, 声音低沉缓慢。 豆豆跟她也是很有chemistry, 一对一的 面试居然没有问题。

好了, 言归正传。 崔弋洲, 学名Alex Cui, 于本周一成为蒙式红班的一员。

经过周末三天持续温和的吹风和带高帽子, 周一的drop off出奇的顺利, 小人第一个到教室, 神情有些紧张警惕, 但是和妈妈 爽快的hug kiss, 挥手good bye. 下午pick up时,居然接到的是一个无比refresh, energetic 的小朋友。 接到之后的一个半小时, 其人充分发挥了话痨的天分, 事无巨细的回报了“蒙式一日”:“I has snack with a brown girl." "The girl asked me: you know my name right? but I don't know her name." "I saw Edward, but he likes other kids." "Ms. Susan read us a story: a doggie go to school, and you know what? The doggie get on the school bus." "There are two swings outside, but nobody pushes me." " I had brokley for lunch, I sat here and Ms. Susan sat there, she is hungry too and ate lunch too." "我们点蜡烛吃饭, 吃饭我还这样clean up." "m make sound emmmmm, emm for museum, for music, for milk, and I can write m, like this; C say Ke~~, for car, cup and cat, and I know how to write c..........."

第一天之后, 我就知道虽然老妈子我份不喜欢那个后妈校长, 但我喜不喜欢有打什么紧呢? 对于豆豆, 这个学校和这个班绝对是perfect match.

第二天呢, 除了drop off的时候, 跟妈妈jjww 了10分钟, 之外, 除了今天是 ducky go to school 外, 除了has snack with a black girl, 除了one big boy was put on time out外, 除了学了更多的phonic外, 一切如常。

第三天的drop off 又是无比的愉快, 因为前一天晚上临睡前, 小朋友自己自觉的反省了自己不尽如意的drop off 行为, 保证第二天会let mom go to work. 果然愉快的实践了自己的诺言。

晚上家长会, Ms. Susan的评价是:Alex is like a sponge, he is always busy and occupied, like a work bee, he is shy, quiet and always pleasant, a perfect start in the class. 虽然我也只到鬼子的文化, 对孩子的夸奖是绝对不吝华美辞藻的。 但这次, I somehow buy Ms. Susan's commence on the kiddo.

I was amazed by what the kiddo learned in three days, 但是不出所料, 问他有没有make new friends, "no, I have one friend: Stanley." 当我和老师道出我有忧虑, 老师说:you have to know you child is your child, he will probably be never a politician.

但是但是, 当星期五豆豆在晚餐的餐桌上表达了四岁 要生日party, 要邀请朋友们来我们家的时, 他他居然一口气数出了他们班上6个小朋友的名字!!

PS 我们去蒙式的另外一个效果就是, KB原来班上的中国孩子全转到蒙式的同一个班了, 常和豆豆一起玩的一个小哥们也去了half day program.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

不合格的爸爸---给豆豆 -by daddy

真是惭愧,豆豆你已经快三岁半了,爸爸居然从没有为你写过一篇blog。 爸爸是个比较没心没肺的人,可是这两年来的负疚感日积月累,还是让爸爸难以再麻木下去。今天晚上面对着桌子上你和妈妈的照片,爸爸的孤独感突然无比强烈, 一定要记下这一刻的感受,爸爸不知道什么时候能让你看这篇东西,但是希望你能看懂这些文字的时候,能够做一个比爸爸成熟的男人。

你对爸爸的感觉已经越来越浅了,虽然爸爸每次回家你很兴奋,陪你玩汽车给你画飞机你还是很高兴,也像所有崇拜daddy的男孩一样敬仰地看爸爸换灯泡,可是每次你伤心害怕的时候首先扑向的还是妈妈,晚上一定要妈妈给你唱歌哄你睡觉,生气的时候把气撒到妈妈身上。 虽然妈妈尽力去弥补爸爸不在身边的父爱缺失,去刻意营造爸爸妈妈同样爱你的气氛,但你是个聪明敏感的宝宝,在你逻辑能力不全但是已经形成性格的小脑袋里,你已经本能的明白---只有妈妈最靠得住,爸爸的亲情只能靠baby时留下的模糊记忆和血缘本能来维持了,爸爸最怀念的就是你还睡在小床里的时候,晚上只有爸爸才可以哄你睡觉,长亭外古道边,小星星,你的favorite催眠曲,如果爸爸一直在你身边,至少你的音乐细胞会让妈妈五音不全的嗓子少破坏几个,现在看来我们家的钢琴很有可能not for you了。虽然你不讲理生蛮气还打人的时候很烦人,可是爸爸多希望你的小拳头是落到爸爸身上啊。

爸爸后悔当初做出那个决定,虽然对妈妈一直嘴硬,可实际上你在芝加哥上飞机的那一刹那,爸爸已经第一次后悔了。爸爸永远忘不了王奶奶抱你上飞机的那一刻,爸爸在登机口停止脚步,你看爸爸的眼神:怀疑,不解,失望,为什么爸爸不跟我来? 那 一刹那爸爸读懂了你的眼神,第一次后悔那个决定。同时,旁边一个阿姨说“怎么爸爸不一起走?”,话里明显的责问让爸爸羞愧得无以复加。豆豆,你那个眼神是 爸爸一生的愧疚,以后给你再多的爱也不能弥补那一刻对你的伤害,如果让现在的爸爸再去面对那个眼神,爸爸不会再承受得了。


豆豆爸对豆豆相貌的忧虑 -by daddy


都 说南北结合会综合父母的优势,豆豆的相貌无情地粉碎了这一偏见。当豆豆混迹于一帮同龄人当中活蹦乱跳的时候,豆豆妈总是觉得豆豆是长得最可爱的,别的小朋 友即使长得比我们豆豆好看,也总是有这样那样的缺点。幸亏豆豆爸很理性,能够跳出“儿子是自己的好”的狭隘观念,以一个局外人的目光审视豆豆:眼睛像爸爸 (小眼),鼻子像妈妈(塌鼻子),身材像外公(五短),越看越伤心。如果要给相貌打分,豆豆爸和豆豆妈的平均分应该有70 because 70=(55+85)/2, 可是要把豆豆扔到主席台上请观众打分的话,凭良心讲,很难保证他能超过爸妈的平均分。虽然豆豆妈和豆豆爸经常自我安慰“男孩子看的不是长相”,其实心里很 明白,事业有成靠的是豆豆自己,而且可操纵,相貌却是授之父母,豆豆有劲没处使呀。所以在娶媳妇的竞争中,豆豆从一开始就落后于别人了。按说豆豆家三代以 内直系亲属中,也有长得不难看的,比如豆豆爷爷,年轻时也勉强算一帅哥。豆豆爸很自责,也很迷茫,问题出在哪里呢?

唯一值得欣慰的是豆豆的神情开始有点像爷爷了,当然相貌还差得远。 豆豆爸以忧虑的目光关注着豆豆的成长,希望豆豆能在身材这一变数较高的领域有所建树


某天,淋浴完,我给他擦干, 小人洋洋得意的指着前天还在用的浴缸
“我big boy乐,我不用浴缸了,你生个妹妹,给她用(浴缸)。”

写于7月31号,串到另外一个blog 去了